The WVU Alumni of Central Florida Scholarships

The Marilu Adams Scholarship Fund

The stated purpose of the Marilu Adams Athletic Scholarship Fund is to provide a West Virginia University scholarship to a Florida student-athlete each year. The Marilu Adams Scholarship was established in 2000 after the sudden death of Marilu Adams, the Central Florida Chapter of the WVU Alumni Association’s long time Secretary.

The scholarship is currently endowed at a $50,000 level and a current balance exceeding $60,000. That allows the interest to provide the scholarship while the principal remains intact. Our Chapter wishes to continue to contribute to this fund annually and as tuition costs grow, we desire to be able to provide more assistance to our designee. The newly established goal for this fund is to reach an endowed amount of $100,000.

Personal contributions can be made directly to this scholarship fund through our PayPal Account or through the WVU Foundation, One Waterfront Place, 7th Floor, P.O. Box 1650, Morgantown, WV 26507. Personal checks should be made to the Marilu Adams Scholarship Fund, Account #3S643. There are no administrative fees deducted from these donations.

The Academic Scholarship Fund

During the last 3 years, with the help of our local alumni and friends and Friendly Confines, our game watch partner, we have deposited $16,831.57 toward this fund.  As a result, we have exceeded our 5 year goal which was $13,000.  This scholarship will begin awarding $1,000 per year starting with the 2019 Fall semester.

Our overall goal is to reach a $25,000 endowment amount within ten years.